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Reiki Healing is a hands on or distance practice that taps into the Divine Universal Energy by the practitioner so that the client and the Source are able to heal that which is causing physical, mental, emotional or spiritual discord, illness or pain. This includes, anxiety, migraines, infections, stress and physical pain.

Reiki energy, a form of love, always goes where it is needed. This works wonders on animals, humans and manifesting that which is desired as a life expansion or progression. Life is good. The Universe is in your favor. Channel the energy that makes you or your loved one whole and complete.

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Reiki Benifit #1

Animals inherently soak up good energy, whether hands on or at a distance. They become quiet almost as if they are taking a Reiki nap. This lessens anxiety, builds confidence that leads to healing, both emotionally and physically. I have worked with animals in rescue situations and animals that are transitioning from this life to an eternal form of peace and wellbeing.

Reiki Benifit #2

Humans gravitate towards wellbeing, whether emotionally, physically or spiritually. We all want to avoid pain and suffering. Loving energy is the only way we can overcome anxiety, dysfunction and disease. We all have the ability to self heal with the help of Universal energy channelled by the Reiki Master. Reiki can be hands on, a short distance or long distance. The energy always finds it’s way to that which needs healing.

Reiki Benifit #3

I have worked with several people to manifest dreams, desires or visions. This is done through the two of us working together to place in a container that which is a desired outcome. One client put together a vision of traveling with a band to do lighting for concerts. We focused on plane tickets, pictures of concerts, travel items. She has since worked with Warren Miller Entertainment, working on lighting and the sound system. You are in charge of your reality. I can help by channeling the energy through you, in connection with the Universal Source.

Reiki Master

Coleen Hampf 

My Reiki Master training has been under the lineage of Usui Shiki Ryoho- the Usui System of Natural Healing as taught by Reiki Master Donna DeNomme. This training included Reiki one, practitioner and Master Reiki apprentice training for over a year. The apprenticeship training included several manifestation projects, work with paid and unpaid clients. I have worked with clients to include children who had immune issues through the flu and cold season. I have also worked with clients to increase their level of joy and physical wellbeing.

My specialty is working with animals. I practiced at one puppy rescue center with adult dogs who were not desirable. With one session the dog, Reiki energy and I were able to tap into a source of calm, peace and lessened anxiety which attracted adopters. I practiced at a horse rescue center to provide peace and wellbeing to horses that were left starving, dying and emaciated. Horses have a power of their own, I am only there to connect them with Universal healing energy.

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Contact Coleen

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